Claudia Reinhardt

LIEBESMÜH - Lover`s Labour

„The woman is a product of the man'. She is the consequence of civilisation,
an artistic creation. -......-
(Is that the reason why all of the great collective ideas are symbolised by the female?)”
Gustave Flaubert (letter to Louise Colet 27.03.1853)

a work consiting out of five videos
copyright: 2010 Claudia Reinhardt
Format: HD
Total runing time: 30 Minutes
language: German/engilsh subtiles
it was released in February 2011 at Galerie Brückner&Richter/Köln

This time I am working with fictional female characters who were created by male authors in the end of 19th century. The work comprises five videoworks, with which I reinterpret and deconstruct these internationally recognisable female characters. How could the conflict in NORA - ODER EIN PUPPENHEIM be translated within the contemporary life, what whould EFFI BRIEST have to say, or Emma BOVARY feel, NANA look like and who is ANNA KARENINA? Any quest for a promising love most lead these women in a disaster, like a force of nature almost is interrupting these bond of felicity in love.

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NORA 3.45  Minutes
Nana 4.46 Mintes
Effi 4.41 Minutes
Anna 5.07 Minutes
Emma 12.45 Minutes